What is the operating system

Each novice computer user asks the question: what tasks performed by the operating system, and what does it represent

The complex system of the most important programs that performs a number of complex computing operations and providing output information in the form of user-friendly, and is called by the operating system. Any computer will not be able to carry out the work without a set of system software, so the operating system is considered the most important component of your computer. The structure of modern operating systems is quite complex, and each element performs specific functions for managing a personal computer.

A number of tasks to be performed by the operating system:

  • memory management and access;
  • download programs for their implementation;
  • implementation of access to connect peripheral devices;
  • software interface for users;
  • perform multiple tasks at the same time;
  • ensuring the allocation of resources;
  • Organization calculation between two or more computers;
  • input / output of any operation;
  • protection system and data from malicious actions of the user.

According to the computer model used by operating systems that have different architectures and special features. A variety of resources needed to make it work. They provide varying degrees of service for working with ready-made software and programming.

Classify operating systems that differ in the number of tasks simultaneously processed and the number of users served by the system a set of programs, you can in the following order:

  1. single-user single-tasking characterized by the fact that their implementation is possible only on one computing device, and the service is single-user, and implement a program to work with;
  2. single-user multi-tasking, and their function is to enable simultaneous processing of multiple tasks to a single user;
  3. multi-tasking operation systems is that multiple users have the ability to handle multiple tasks on one computer.

The operating system developed by one of the first, was deprived of the graphical interface and is very limited in scope. This software has been called MSDOS. With the release of the Windows operating system, which is very popular among users, the MSDOS virtually disappeared.

We can say on a par with Windows became popular Linux operating system. Over time, Linux graphical interface of the system began to develop not only to Windows level, but many times it began to excel. An increasing number of users prefer the operating system, refusing to using Windows.

15 January 2017

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