About Us

International hosting center "MyHosti" began work in 2013 and since then it certainly pleases customers with the reliable operation of many sites. A staff of qualified specialists is engaged in maintenance and improvement of service. Turning to our company, in the person of "MyHosti" you will get a reliable partner.

Benefits of «MyHosti»

The main task of "MyHosti" is to help clients. Our experts will do everything to make your site accessible from anywhere in the world and be able to justify the funds and efforts invested in it. In addition, our services are distinguished by an excellent ratio of quality and price, which will certainly be appreciated by many. Thanks to this, today we have become one of the most popular providers.

Separately, it is worth noting the process of constant creative search, the hunt for innovation, which always ends successfully. This allows us to ensure the most successful and fast operation of your resources. All this is done by a team of experienced engineers who can rightfully be called the real "sharks" in their industry.

Becoming a client of "MyHosti", the user entrusts the care of the Internet resource in safe hands. Our company in its work uses only reliable methods that have proven their success more than once. This allows us to meet the expectations of our clients over and over again.

Successful work of «MyHosti»

Our reputation can be confirmed by the many reviews of our work that can be found on the Web today. When launching new services or major updates, we always take into account the opinions of our customers, and each new service is designed to facilitate and simplify the use of our service.

It is important to note: "MyHosti" works completely legally, and all data that customers give us for storage are protected by the Law "On Personal Data".

Web Hosting Services

Hosting center "MyHosti" is ready to offer its clients a huge number of opportunities. After placing the site on our servers, billions of users from all over the world will have access to it. Qualified specialists, who have already managed to "eat the dog" on questions of this kind, will ensure the protection of the site from possible DDoS attacks.

Most of our clients are regular and have been cooperating with us for more than a year. We, in turn, try not to limit them in anything, trying to constantly improve the hosting operation and introduce new services in a timely manner. We promptly inform users about all new products.

Thanks to "MyHosti" our clients receive a truly high-quality service. We offer a flexible system of bonuses and discounts, which makes our services available to everyone. With us you can fulfill your dream of launching a website or opening a store. In addition to high-quality equipment, we will also provide a convenient website builder, and our prices will justify the costs in just a month. Try it and you will immediately feel all the benefits of cooperation with "MyHosti".