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Just like a theater begins with a hanger, a website starts with a domain name selection. It becomes his business card, and for you - a new way of self-expression. "MyHosti" will help you to purchase domain names in the most popular zones of the web. Remember: "As you name the ship, so it will float."

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Domain (domain name) is a unique address at which a website is opened on the Internet. As a rule, domains consist of letters and numbers and look like, where .ru is a domain zone, and site is a second-level domain. To buy a domain name for a website, you need to come up with a second-level domain and then select a domain zone (first-level domain). MyHosti International has a large number of domain zones, which will allow you to maximize your brand on the Internet. Often the cost of a domain depends on the zone in which it is registered.

How much does a domain cost?

The cost of a domain depends on the domain zone in which the domain is registered. You will not be able to register a free domain, because maintenance and registration of a domain name in the Registry impose costs on registrars. The price for international and thematic domain names depends on the exchange rate of the dollar and the euro, in addition, the premium of the domain matters. To find out how much a domain costs, enter its name in the input field, and our service will show the cost and status of the domain in different zones. Follow our promotions so you don`t miss out on this great offer and maybe get your domain for free.

I have registered a domain. What`s next?

After registering your domain, you need to choose a reliable hosting. Hosting and domain are basic services for building any website. If the domain is the online address of the site, then the hosting is the space on which it "lives". In MyHosti International you will find hosting rates hosting for any tasks and projects.