Valid until 10 January 2020
The holiday comes to us
New Year is a time of surprises, gifts, new emotions and congratulations. To cheer you up, we decided not to stand aside and launch the New Year promo ...
To participate in the promotion when ordering the service you must enter the promotional code newyear2020.
Valid until 1 October 2019
Dedicated server in France with 16 IP
When ordering in September a dedicated server 16 IPv4 addresses we will provide for free!
To receive free addresses, create a request to the customer service department.
Valid until 31 August 2019
Discount for shared hosting and VDS
Only until the end of summer you can take the unique opportunity to order or renew virtual hosting or VDS with a 30% discount.
To participate in the promotion, when ordering, you must enter the promotional code summer2019.
Valid until 1 September 2018
Finishing the summer season with MyHosti!
Summer is coming to an end, and we decided to please you with a special offer! When ordering virtual hosting, we give you a 50% discount on all tariff ...
To participate in the promotion, you must enter the EndSummer promo code when ordering. The discount when ordering a service is 50% of the cost of the service with additions.
Valid until 1 March 2018
3 additional months of hosting FREE
Stopped hosting your current hoster? Constant failures, in which the hoster ...
To credit the bonus, you need to pay for the service for 1 month and contact technical support with an indication in the letter that you wish to participate in the "3 additional months of hosting FREE" promotion.
Valid until 10 January 2018
More benefits from MyHosti
On the eve of the New year, we want to offer you a discount on the purchase / renewal of MyHosti services.
To receive a discount, use the promotional code: newyear2018.
Valid until 30 November 2017
10% discount on dedicated servers
Have you longed to order a dedicated server? You have the opportunity to try out real iron at a discount for the first month.
To participate in the promotion when ordering the service you must enter the promotional code dedicsale10.
Valid until 31 July 2017
Hot summer with MyHosti
Only from July 1 to July 31, 2017, discounts up to 50% on shared-hosting or VDS!
To participate in the promotion when ordering / renewing the service you must enter a promotional code.
Valid until 1 April 2017
50% discount for ALL beginners!
If you want to order a service from MyHosti and this is your first service, then you can get a 50% discount on the service of virtual hosting or virtu ...
The promotion is valid for customers who have had no more than 5 days from the date of registration.
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