Valid until 1 January 2017
In the New Year with MyHosti
In order shared hosting or of the virtual server 50% discount!
To participate, you must enter the promo code when ordering services.
Valid until 20 December 2016
Happy transfer
Transfer to our service site and we will give 3 months of free service.
The action may be involved any interested client who has an interest in a move to service MyHosti.
Valid until 20 November 2016
Accelerate together?
MyHosti uses only imported solutions in the infrastructure organization, now it's time to speed up client devices.
To participate in the promotion, you must pay for the service of virtual hosting or virtual server for a period of more than or equal to 2 years. Tariffs MH-3, MH-4, MH-5, MV-3, MV-4, MV-5 and MV-6 are participating in the promotion.
Valid until 10 October 2016
We pay for a domain
Transfer domain to service MyHosti and we will give 1 month of hosting at any rate. From 30 August the transfer of domains RU and РФ between registra ...
To participate you want to transfer the domain name in any domain zone. After a successful transfer is required to create an additional request to the department on work with clients to provide virtual hosting for 1 month free of charge.
Valid until 10 September 2016
Comfortable move
MyHosti offers all new customers 2 months of free service when moving from another provider to MyHosti.
To participate in the promotion, you need to create a request to the "Finance Department" and provide access to the billing of the current provider.
Valid until 1 June 2016
The second month is free for a dedicated server!
You have long wanted to buy a dedicated server in MyHosti? You have a huge opportunity to purchase a dedicated server with a 50% discount!
To participate in the promotion, you need to pass a partial account check and place an order for a dedicated server MDG-A or MDF-A.
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