3 additional months of hosting FREE

Stopped hosting your current hoster? Constant failures, in which the hoster blames anyone but himself, sudden outages, tedious waiting for a response from technical support? Have you regularly started seeing 502 Bad Gateway or 500 Server Error on your websites? It's time to change your hosting provider!

For 4 years now, MyHosti has been pleasing its customers with the quality of the services provided, and for those who decide to move their site to us, we give 3 months of free hosting!

The bonus is credited once when creating an account and does not take into account the number of sites transferred to this account. We reserve the right to carry out additional checks of the history of the site's existence using publicly available means (history of domain delegation, cache of search engines, archive.org) and refuse to accrue a bonus if there are reasonable doubts about the existence of the site before moving to our hosting. The bonus is not charged when transferring a site from free hosting and CMS rental services (Ucoz, Narod, etc.). The promotion is relevant for tariff plans: MH-0, MH-1, MH-2, MH-3, MVO-1, MVO-2, MVK-1 and MVK-2.