Ergonomics of the workplace

Workers use the principles and strategies of ergonomics. This strategy allows you to combine the rules of safe work, minimum overhead costs, the required quality and volume of work with the pace and the lowest production load on the employee.

General principles of ergonomics

General provisions of this science consider the most convenient location of the workplace and its equipment. The basis is the field of activity, the characteristics of the growth of the employee and his weight.

But the equipment of the workplace, according to individual data, incurs additional material costs. The calculation of the required space and equipment occupancy is based on the average person. However, the manufactured office furniture allows you to change and adjust the parameters to individual sizes. So with a few movements, it is possible to vary the height and inclination of the chair, to connect work tables in the most advantageous options.

Important points in the organization of work

Ergonomics as a science deals not only with the rational organization of the production process. Scientific interests touch upon a number of important problems. Moreover, the approach to the solution occurs from several sides. So one is based on the adaptation of the worker to existing conditions. And the second side considers comfort during the work process or the work is adjusted to the person.

A well thought-out and reasonable distribution of functions between technical means and an employee influences the efficiency of work and the positive result of activities. And the selection of qualified personnel for work will minimize the time to complete the assigned tasks.

Even with a highly qualified employee, he must have timely information. And this, in turn, can provide equipment that corresponds to the present moment. In other words, the maximum ensuring of the serviceability of technical means during operation.

The selection of the team plays an important role. Indeed, in this environment you have to spend a significant amount of time and solve production problems.

The fundamentals of ergonomics were laid several decades ago. But with the development of production, this science becomes more and more important. With the correct use of the principles of ergonomics, you can reduce costs as much as possible and increase labor productivity.

4 March 2021

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