New provider - MyHosti Russia

Dear Customers,

Due to the sanctions applied and the unstable exchange rate, we decided to launch the MyHosti Russia project for citizens and companies of the Russian Federation, which will allow you to purchase services on the territory of the Russian Federation with payment for services in rubles and feel more comfortable, ensuring the stable operation of your IT infrastructure.

The MyHosti Russia project presents:

  • Virtual hosting and reselling.
  • Virtual servers.
  • Dedicated servers.
  • Bitrix and Bitrix24 licenses, as well as licenses from ISPsystem.

All products are sold or located on the territory of the Russian Federation. Only citizens of the Russian Federation are allowed to register in the MyHosti Russia project.

What is changing?

  • Clients from the Russian Federation can choose in which currency mutual settlements will take place in euros (MyHosti International) or in rubles (MyHosti Russia).
  • If a client from the Russian Federation requires a service outside the Russian Federation (for example, a virtual server in France), he can also join the MyHosti International project, but the services ordered within it will be calculated in euros.
  • Customers from other countries will also continue to be served at MyHosti International.

The provider is available by the link

With respect to you,

the MyHosti team.

9 March 2022

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