Ways to cheat on the Internet

Which strata of society are the most vulnerable? Of course, women and old people. Often scammers in real life direct the "sight" of their scams exactly at them. But in the modern conditions of the crazy growth of technology, the scope of the fraudsters' activity smoothly spilled over into the vastness of the world wide web! How to avoid a virtual meeting with a swindling prince and unscrupulous pharmacists?

Women still believe in the existence of "eternal" love on earth, represent it as an "overseas prince", taking her beloved by the arm, leads her to the altar ... But often these are only romantic dreams that only occasionally come true.

Where can you find a good friend, faithful companion or husband?

Of course, on the Internet. And I must say that the method of acquaintance on the Internet is to some extent justified: it does not require extra costs and besides, at any time you can interrupt a conversation with a boring interlocutor. If everything is so simple, why do beautiful ladies more and more often "intersect" with unscrupulous gigolo and princes, whose plans do not include a wedding ceremony - "happy ending"? Let's try to find the answer to this difficult and somewhere rhetorical question!

First of all, you need to know that in addition to the "light" side, the Internet also has a "dark" side. Therefore, getting acquainted with the next "future" spouse, a woman should know that she may be subjected to cruel deception. Of course, you can become a victim of deception in real life, but it becomes more and more difficult to charm at first sight, and therefore it is easier to “powder the brains” of gullible girls on the Internet. For example, here you can easily hide the truth about your marital status, real age, and even use a photo of a handsome man, which a man is not.

In order to protect you, dear ladies, from the next deception, we present to your attention some practical advice that will significantly reduce the risk of falling for the next Zhigalo. So ...

How can you avoid being cheated on the Internet?

First tip: pay attention to the photos. If the interlocutor sent you one photo, remember - this is not an indicator yet. Unobtrusively ask the man to send you a couple more, preferably recently taken photographs, along the way asking him about the circumstances of the shooting. Is your "betrothed" noticeably nervous or just disappeared? Rest assured, he is not at all who he claimed to be, and the first photo did not belong to him!

Next tip: pay attention to the time the man is online. Men who are in search of a loved one tend to get in touch in the evening or at night, because they work hard during the day. But your chosen one constantly gets in touch only during the day, and in the evening he unlocks, as if he cannot contact you from home? Most likely, he is already burdened with his family, or at least he has a regular girlfriend.

Pro tip: install a webcam on your computer! This device can be said to be universal - with the help of a camera you can kill several birds with one stone at once. So, questions about the authenticity of the photos instantly disappear. After all, now you will be able to communicate with the chosen one live, which will allow you to hear his style of conversation, see the real reaction to the questions that are important to you. And besides, you will have a great opportunity to study the environment in which the man is.

Advice to women: you still fell for the "bait" of a charming deceiver? You should not end your active searches on this - this is not a reason to get depressed. Believe me, you will definitely meet the man of your dreams, leaving the bitter experience of failure far behind.

And now advice to men will follow: be more honest, frank and open in front of the fair half and believe me, such an attitude towards women will definitely return to you with a vengeance. After all, girls do not have enough warmth and care, give them a piece of your soul and, perhaps, very soon, "two lonely halves" will finally find happiness!

How can retirees protect their savings from dishonest pharmacies?

Another category of people deceived is the elderly. It was the old people of that training who got used to trust everyone and everything .... But how can they save their last savings if it is difficult for them to go out? We present to your attention some useful tips that can save you from cheating on the Internet when buying medicines.

It is important to know: the first thing that should attract your attention after entering the site is the availability of contact information in the "Contacts" section. The address, the official name of the company, and the hotline phone numbers must be present here. The correct advice if there is no such data is to search the network for reviews of this company. People who could not avoid being scammed on the Internet will definitely leave appropriate recommendations to this company.

In addition, if you notice complex formulas, incomprehensible terms in the description of the medicine you need, and the site also contains stories of people who have been miraculously healed, this is a deception and every user should know about this !!!

The next tip can be called advice to tourists, because most of the network users are not experienced hackers, and therefore easily fall for all sorts of tricks. So, it should be remembered that after ordering and delivering medicines by courier, you can still refuse to purchase! But you decided to take this risky step - then carefully study the contents of the package, as well as the integrity of the package itself, the presence of a barcode on it, release date, etc.

If you follow these tips, believe me - it will be very difficult to deceive you, and in case of deception, you should contact the relevant authorities in order to punish the unscrupulous owners of online pharmacies.

16 February 2021

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