Happy 2017 Year!

Nearing the end of 2016, and every new day uncontrollably melt like a snowflake on the palms, bringing us to the New Year's holiday.

All this year we have tried to work so that we have provided services in the field of telecommunications have brought maximum benefit to your business! Taking care of the stability of your resources, we introduced ideas focused on improving the quality of services provided.

In order to create more comfortable conditions for customers, they have been developed and updated tariff plans.

Our plans for the future - to strive for excellence, only move forward, to maintain a close relationship with regular customers and new customers to actively help businesses at the start.

We appreciate and thank you for the many positive comments about our work. This suggests that the efforts of the staff of the international hosting center «MyHosti» achieved the goal, and your projects become effective and attracted the attention of large number of users from around the world.

And the main thing from that to which we are committed!

28 December 2016

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