Update site and billing system

Thank you for all this time were with us and watched our development.
We hasten to share with you some important news.
A team of specialists for several months been developing a new foundation MyHosti service. We have considered all comments and suggestions, and they tried to bring to life our service.
Due to upgrades become available opportunities gives a great perspective of our company.
At a meeting of the department, it was decided to launch the sale of new tariff plans for shared hosting and virtual dedicated servers:

  • MH-0 (1 Gb space, 1 site, 1 MySQL database, the cost of 1.5 € per month)
  • MV-0 (CPU 500 MHz, RAM 512 MB Download now, 10 Gb space, cost 3 € per month) Another very interesting point, as a result of the global analysis of the reporting of virtual hosting server load, it was decided to remove the limits to the accounts. Automatically limits are not set. When you create a large load on the server, the restrictions may be established in accordance with the tariff plan. When activated, the user is notified tariff restrictions.
7 November 2015

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