Innovation for website building

With the rapid development of modern technology there are more and more tools for creating modern websites and online applications. In this niche occupy a special place products of Microsoft company.
The company develops and implements its ASP.NET platform. It allows you to fully design the architecture MVC approach. Using this tool necessarily need to learn the programming language C#. That it is a tool for writing server-side logic. No one website as an information system can not do without a database, for this resort to the SQL query language. To connect two ASP.NET and SQL technology components are required to use some sort of a universal framework. The most the best choice may be a Entity Framework. This technology will allow to communicate with the database using the C # language. To display the site user interface and graphics tools necessary HTML - defines the structure of the document, the CSS - sets clearance
For dynamic elements of the site and for the understanding of the process of asynchronous requests can not do without the AJAX method is basically a normal JavaScript.. To which also requires Framework. A typical example of which can serve AngularJS. . You have to understand how to build http(s) package, how the http(s) request and how to handle putter
implementing the MVC, used technology based on language Ruby - the brainchild of Japanese Matsumoto. Using the framework, Ruby on Rails, which is based on the principle of "Do not repeat yourself", which reduces the duplication of identical code in applications.
Recently, the popularity is gaining a lot of in-line language Go, which is also used in web programming. Designed by the famous company Google, it is not without its drawbacks. Alongside its high-speed ability to write modules that creates more debris layer software, which often leads to the accumulation of critical errors. That violates the stability of the application. Therefore, the language they write some small modules, to improve the processing speed of certain tasks.
All technologies evolve and always need to maintain the current level of knowledge. To do this, read specialized, view information forums, attend conferences, listen to reports. Innovation is always hidden in some small things and details, so constantly need to strive for excellence.

19 August 2016

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