Reform of IT-education in English schools

Minister of Education of the United Kingdom said that today computer - not the highest priority in students the subject. His teaching in English schools is boring and does not motivate children to receive new knowledge. However, after the completion of school pupils is still a significant gap in knowledge in this area.

The situation, according to the minister of education must be changed urgently. And in September of this year, the school is no longer required to clearly follow the program. Now, schools are free to decide which to give knowledge to his students in the field of computer science. Perhaps the attraction for the development of new curricula industrial organizations, such as the Society of the Age of computerization.

According to Minister of Education of the measure will contribute to improving the quality of education in this area. This will make a sufficient level of knowledge of pupils in A in order to continue education in the field of IT-technologies guys before the end of the school will be able to create applications for smartphones.

The quality of school education in this area are interested after the report on the audit of student knowledge was published. So it turned out that half of UK schools teaching level of the subject hold out only until a satisfactory, and some of the teachers do not have the necessary skills, such as programming skills.

However, many experts believe that the idea is to give schools freedom of action with regard to the field of IT education - not a good idea. On the contrary, you want to create a new modern curriculum.

Whichever approach was not chosen in the reform of the school of IT-education, one can say with certainty, wait drastic changes in his capacity as it is not necessary in the near future. Since it takes time for the selection of highly qualified teachers and curriculum development.

30 January 2017

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