Why your site is better to create from scratch?

Even if the idea of the site has already been implemented and have experience of development and operation is appropriate from time to time to wonder: "Why is your site better to create from scratch." Time never stands still, the conditions of life in reality and virtuality in an extremely rapidly changing. What once was fashionable for development is rapidly becoming obsolete. Sites need to be changed, if their owners are willing to be at the level of spontaneous and wayward Internet space.

Perhaps the main reason for the answer to the question: "Why is your site better to create from scratch?" Lies at the level of the subconscious, as in nature, nothing appears on top of something, everything always comes back, but the experience of parents and ancestors, as hereditary and acquired using all means.

From a pragmatic point of view, the first significant fact: the development of technology are changing very quickly, you need to match the time you need to use safer instruments. The concept of compatibility (so dear and meaningful in the past) by the hour goes nowhere. What worked yesterday, for example, in one version of PHP or Apache will not work tomorrow to another and there is no guarantee that the developer of a tool will not forget about it forever.

The second important fact: building and repair, those "natural disasters", which contribute substantially to the understanding of how and what should be written. It is important to mention: if the site already existed and was executed hastily on some decent content management system, the wondering, "Why is your site better to create from scratch?" Should ask themselves: "Is not whether to go further, not to do if the site handles ? '. For qualified developers and customers reasonable, the answer is obviously yes.

The third circumstance, as we would not want to, but the solution of problems - our continuous activity, we are constantly in search. We change everything in his life, but it is much more difficult in the field of programming. In the worst case minimum, when the developer and the customer and the owner of the site one person, there is one important point that one change can cause for a lot of other activities. The more complex the site, the more massive are these actions. When the developer and the customer are two or more persons, the inertia is much more significant

The fourth circumstance follows from the third, due to the current programming practices in general, and is the only objective basis for solving the fundamental question: should never alter and modify the existing system. Just aside from the fact that the functions, you can do "experiments". However, this version is still the question of renovation of the existing system. Often you can find sites that inform your users, they say in a while to many the time we will not be available ... Good action, but a much better option is worthy of support that exists, creating a completely new declaration of birth of the new in the old, time for co-existence , well, as soon as the visitors are aware that the new is better than old, subject only to live the new.

1 September 2016

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