Features of electronic etiquette

With the advent of the Internet, the epistolary genre has found a resurgence. However, the current rules for writing letters and messages differ in many ways from those adopted in the last century.

After Analyzing a lot of email correspondence, we came to the conclusion that not everyone is familiar with the requirements for emails. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss this issue in more detail.

Perhaps the main requirement for all types of modern letters is brevity. In contrast to letters that in the 18th and 19th centuries took up several dozen pages, today we use a more concise way of expressing our thoughts. And for emails, this feature has become the main one.

Any message sent by email should be made so short that the entire text fits on the screen without having to scroll down for a long time. Even better, if the letter only marks two paragraphs.

Immediately after the address and greeting, indicate the main subject of the letter. You should also put the subject of the message in the appropriate field under the line where you specify the recipient.

In the course of correspondence, personal addresses are allowed (by first name, first name, and patronymic). However, it is not necessary to be familiar in the letter. What's worth remembering is the magic words that open all doors: "thank you" and"please."

After you compose the letter, check it for correctness of presentation and grammatical errors. If you find too complex phrases in the text when reading it, delete them without pity. You know how many emails an ordinary employee receives every day. It is unlikely that your recipient will find time to read your poem.

Therefore, you need to Express your thoughts briefly and clearly. The text must be structured so that it is easier for the recipient to perceive it. It is enough to make a new paragraph every 500-700 characters.

Do not use flash animation in business correspondence. These bulky images not only make it difficult to send and receive emails, but also look extremely inappropriate.

If you are completely unsure where to start, use special templates for novice press secretaries.

17 June 2020

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