Landing page optimization

Everyone knows the fact that landing page optimization is one of the most important factors in the online marketing strategy. Properly optimized landing page-a guarantee of return on investment in the project.

And no matter what most marketers say, it should be understood that landing page optimization can be a double-edged sword: any micro-transformation can not only lead to an improvement in its quality, but also reduce the overall efficiency.

Some harmful tips in landing page optimization:

The landing page should be concise

It is impossible to say that a large landing page will not lead to very successful results for most sites, and it is impossible to deny the opposite: a concise landing page can contribute to the loss of potential customers, since short and abbreviated content about the products and services of the site may not be of interest to visitors.

The landing page should be with minimal navigation

Reducing the primary and secondary navigation on the landing page will make it more promising for search engines, because the page will meet the requests as much as possible, however, without consistent logical transitions to other pages of the site, users will be uncomfortable, which can lead to a reduction in traffic.

Placement of logos of famous partners to increase the status of the site

Very often, marketers try to get written confirmation and permission from famous partners to use their logos on their website. The worst thing a marketer can do is place a partner's or customer's logo on a landing page in order to convince visitors of their reliability. Nothing but scandal and even the break of business relations with the owner of the incorrectly used logo will not bring.

Calls for win-win promotions to boost visitor interest

Yes, for the first time posted a call for a freebie can and will act on the first people who came to the site. But in General, it will have a short-term positive spike and a natural decrease in the evaluation of the quality of the site by regular visitors. Sometimes it is worth sacrificing the momentary benefit and loss of a few people on the landing page, but it does not affect the main income of the site.

The key to successful website optimization is thorough analysis. Make sure you are in control of the situation, test the optimized landing page, make sure that the optimization results in a productive and long-term effect.

1 November 2019

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