Monetizing your website with teaser ads

Getting income from the created website is a task that almost every webmaster faces. As soon as the website traffic reaches several dozen visitors per day, webmasters begin to make attempts to monetize it by placing paid advertising materials (banners, text links, teaser blocks) on their website.

A teaser block is an advertisement containing not only text information about the advertised object, but also demonstrating it. The teaser block should arouse interest in the site visitor, the desire to click on the teaser link. In the recent past, teaser ads with elements of eroticism have often been encountered, which sometimes repelled viewers with bad taste. Modern teaser networks have moved away from this format and are one of the most effective tools not only for monetizing sites, but also for advertising certain goods.

Teaser blocks offered by leading teaser networks are created according to strict guidelines. A webmaster who has entered into a partnership agreement with such a teaser network can be completely sure that teaser blocks containing erotic elements or advertising gambling will not appear on his website. This approach will help maintain a good reputation for the site.

Currently, teaser units show higher click-through rates than banner ads. Among the many types of teaser blocks, there are news teasers.

The clickability of a teaser block on a website largely depends on the correct placement. It is best to place the teaser block at the top right or left of the page. However, it should be remembered that many sites have their own special design and it is necessary to determine the best place for the teaser block for each site individually.

The revenue from a teaser block is calculated in two ways: by the number of impressions of the teaser block or by the number of clicks on the teaser block. The cost per click or the number of impressions depends on the subject of the teaser. Typically, clicks on news teasers are cheaper than clicks on promotional teasers. Remuneration is paid by teaser networks once or twice a month after reaching a certain minimum amount for payment.

A webmaster participating in a teaser network affiliate program can be tempted by the idea of ​​boosting impressions or clicks on teasers. It is not recommended to cheat on clicks or impressions, since teaser networks have algorithms for tracking such actions and can deprive the webmaster of the earned money and block his account in the teaser network.

16 September 2020

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