What should be the site

Create a site for two reasons:

1. For solidity. In other words, just to be. At the present time to give a card where you do not specify a site shameful. You'll lose half your customers. And most of these customers never come to Your site. However, they need to know what site You have. The site is used as an element of trust. A website is a great way to increase the prestige of a company.

2. To attract customers. In this case, the site performs the function of a Converter. It processes visitors who came to it into potential customers who placed an order, or called, or left a request. Sell the person who left you on the site application in the tens, hundreds of times easier. In online stores, the site turns visitors into buyers, those who paid money. The question of receiving money, payments decides the site.

but no matter what purpose you need the site for, it should be:

a) Interesting. The visitor of the site should find on it what he was looking for. Your offer should be interesting, informative and understandable to all visitors.

b) Neat. Should be let not the most advanced design, but the layout should be done well. The contents of some blocks should not overlap with other blocks. The blocks must be arranged in a clear geometry. That is, the blocks that should be located on the same level or under each other, really should be located just so, and not just a little to the left, a little to the right, etc.in Addition, as for the color policy, the site should not dazzle like a traffic light.

c) Convenient. Every visitor should easily find all the necessary information and make an order. To do this, there should be a minimum number of clicks, ideally - one! I think everyone tried to make a purchase in some "strange" online store, where You were offered to pass the quest.

What is a selling site?

Selling, called the site, the conversion of which is more than 1%.

Conversion is the ratio of the number of visitors to the site who have expressed interest in a product or service (called, left a request, ordered a product) to the total number of visitors to the site. If, for example, 1000 visitors came To your site, 4 of them called, 6 more left a request on the site for you to call them, it turns out that the conversion of Your site is equal to (4+6)*100% /1000 = 1%

the Norm is the conversion of the site equal to 1%. But there are sites whose conversion is 5-7%.

What gives the increase in website conversion from 1% to 5-7%?

- 5-7 times more customers, with a constant budget for advertising; or

- 5-7 times lower advertising budget with a constant number of orders; or

- average between the first and the second. For example, the increase in 2 times the number of customers, while reducing the cost of advertising in 2 or more times! ! !

I hope You want to increase the conversion of Your site several times. How to do this will be described below.

But it is worth noting that the conversion of the site depends on the quality of traffic. I. e. on what search queries the person came to the site: from Yandex or other resources. For example, if the conversion of the site on request "apartments in Moscow" is 1%, the conversion of the same site on request "buy apartments in Moscow" will be 3-5 times higher, i.e. 3-5%. Website conversion should be evaluated by the best traffic, the so-called" target " traffic. Visitors to the site who came to the target traffic use the words "buy", "price", "cost", "cheap", "RUB", "wholesale".

What do you need to increase website conversion?

1. First, run the target traffic to the site.It is more convenient to do this with the help of contextual advertising Yandex Direct.

2. After 500-1000 visits to Your site, ie after 500-1000 clicks on ads Yandex direct stop Direct.

3. Fix the conversion value of the site. Count the number of calls, requests, purchases and divide this number by the number of visits to Your site (500 or 1000). Don't forget to multiply by 100%.

4. Apply AV testing, i.e. change one thing on the site, for example, a product photo.

5. Run the previously configured direct, without changing anything in it.

6. After the next 500-1000 visits to Your site, ie after 500-1000 clicks on ads Yandex direct stop Direct.

7. Measure the conversion of the site as well as in paragraph 3.

8. Compare the conversion of the site in p. 7 and p.3.

9. If the conversion has improved, i.e. has become more, then leave everything as it is. If worse, go back to the previous version of the site.

10. Proceed to step 4, change the next element of the site, for example, the text. Thus, the method of AV testing, going through a lot of options, You will get a significant increase in the conversion of Your site.

but can can be as something not turning over an infinite number of options obtain immediately conversion site 2 and more percent? you Can!

Ways to increase your website's conversion rate

in order for the site to sell, you need to do the following:

1. Arouse interest in the product/service.
2. Build trust in Your company.
3. To simplify the ordering process.

5 ways to increase interest in a product or service

Make selling headlines. Headers should cling. The purpose of headlines is to sell the text. If the client reads the title and it does not interest him, then he will not read the text itself. There is a misconception that texts are not read at all. The texts themselves may not be read, although this is not always the case, but the headlines always read! So take the trouble to make the headlines interesting. Highlight subheadings. Solid text is not interesting to anyone. Make it more interesting with subheadings. Break the text into pieces.

Photo. a Page without at least one photo is not read. Therefore, dilute the text of excellent quality photos. Video. There are more and more fans to watch videos instead of reading texts. Post a video about Your product / service on the site and feel free to add 20-30% to the conversion of the site. Text. Make the text interesting. Describe the benefits, explicit and implicit, specifications, principles of operation. But do not forget to dilute the text explanatory pictures (photos, diagrams).

10 ways to increase customer trust

1. Set the phone number (495) or 8(800). Mobile numbers cause distrust.

2. To post the reviews. Feedback from real customers is essential for trust.You have to collect them all the time. This is continuous work. You should not be posted reviews only for a short period of time.

3. Place the Contacts menu section. In this section, specify the details, physical address, map, office photo, phone numbers, e-mail E-mail on your domain: I. surname@website. ru.

4. Photograph chief, better video appeal chief. Post this video in the "About us" section or on the main page.

5. Specify your well-known (branded) customers. Specify them in the section "our clients" and on the main page, you can in the header.

6. Offer something shareware. For example, budgeting, or free test drive, or free measurement, free first lesson, free consultation, etc.Many of Your customers need to personally communicate with You before making a purchase decision. Offer it to them.

7. Place certificates, licenses, awards in a separate section of the menu or on the main page.

8. Place examples of works (portfolio) in a separate section of the menu, for example,"Our works".

9. Place the letters of Recommendation. Either on the main page or in a separate menu section.

10. Don't lie ! ! ! - this point is the most important ! ! ! Constantly check whether what is written On your site with reality.

5 ways to facilitate checkout

1. Point the phone in a prominent place. Better on the hat on the right.

2. Add the "Request a call" button under the phone number.

3. Specify e-mail in the header. It is necessary mainly for those whose clients are legal entities. persons.

4. Place the feedback form in a prominent place on the main page. And even better on every page.

5. In the section "Contact us" submit a feedback form.

22 November 2019

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