How to choose a niche for your site: 3 basic rules

Have you ever wondered why 99% of created sites fail within a year? The reason for this trend is very banal – the wrong choice of a niche for the site. Why is this happening? Let's try to figure it out.

Basic rules for choosing the right niche for a website

1 Listen to your heart. Choose a niche that you have a genuine interest in. The theme should ignite you, give you strength and motivation. The main mistake of most beginners is the blind pursuit of money. They primarily focus on "money" niches and forget to listen to their inner voice. As a result, after the first difficulties, the person throws the project. Of course, money is important, but you have to focus on other aspects altogether. Personal interest, passion, love, enthusiasm-this is the foundation on which to build success in your business.

2 Focus on a narrow topic. Very often, in the minds of beginners, there is a misconception that their topic is not needed by anyone, since it is too specific and focused on a narrow target audience. If you think like that, you're making a huge mistake. Remember that the more specific your topic is, the more likely your project will be wildly successful. This happens for two reasons. The first reason is that the Internet is full of general information on a particular topic, and there are very few specific, narrowly focused resources. The second reason is that it is easier and cheaper to promote your project in narrow niches. So, don't question your idea. Remember that the narrower the niche, the better. Moreover, the Internet is so huge that you can find your audience on absolutely any topic, so drop all doubts and put your idea into practice.

3 Determine the sources for filling your resource. Where will you get the content for the site? This step is mandatory before creating your resource. Most beginners choose a topic, create a website, and then think about what and with what frequency they will fill it. A gross mistake! Content is the basis for promoting a project, so think about how exactly you will receive it. There are two ways. First – you can create your own content for the site. The second way – you can resort to the services of freelancers. Which way to choose is up to you, but the optimal solution is the first option. It will not require you to invest money, besides, who knows your topic better than you? After the method of filling the site is selected, think about the frequency of publication. For example, you can make it a rule to post one post per week or several days. When there is a plan, you do not rush from side to side and are completely focused on the task at hand.


Follow the above tips and you will definitely succeed, but there is one very important caveat - it is your patience. Do not chase fast results, plan for a long shoulder. Difficulties are inevitable, but if you persist in your desire, you will overcome them without any problems.

One more tip: do one small thing aimed at developing your project every day. You will be amazed at the power of this technique. Just one thing, every day, and a year later you will make more than 99% of your competitors. Just try it!

26 August 2016

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