How to install Wordpress on hosting

Those who create blogs call it a tedious and painstaking job. In fact, the difficulties in creating a blog arise only at the very beginning - over time, after gaining a certain experience, creating a blog for you will just spit.

But why exactly Wordpress, you ask. It's simple, it's all about the engine - it is understandable even for a beginner, the controls are intuitive. In addition, it is well received by search engines and is not picky about hosting resources. It is not for nothing that more than 98% of all blogs and websites have been created on Wordpress.

After reading the article to the end, you will learn how to create a Wordpress blog, where is the best place to download a blog engine and how to transfer it to hosting.

So, in order for the information to be better assimilated, we will describe all the necessary actions in steps:

  1. First you need to go to the site.
  2. Download the latest version of Wordpress from there.
  3. As soon as the archive is downloaded, unpack it into a folder.
  4. The next step in creating a blog on Wordpress is to transfer files to the site where your site will be stored. This is done using any ftp manager. We'll take a look at the process using FileZilla as an example.
  5. So, go to FileZilla, click on the file button, which is located at the top left. In this menu, we need to fill in all the fields - with the help of this data you will go to your site via ftp. Check if you have all the necessary data to log in to the site via ftp. All this data should have been sent to you at the moment when you registered for the hosting. If you have lost this data, then write to your hosting support service
  6. Next, you need to click on the "new site" button, after which a column will appear on the right side, which will need to be filled with your data. Click the connect button.
  7. If everything is entered correctly, your site will connect to the program and everything that you have on the server will appear in the window. If you have just created a blog and there are files there, they should be deleted.
  8. Then we need to drag the files to the right side of the program and wait for the moment when they are fully loaded onto your site. How long you have to wait directly depends on the speed of your Internet - usually this time is at least 10 minutes. After completely copying the files, having received the appropriate notification, you can proceed directly to creating a blog on Wordpress.
  9. You need to enter the address of your blog in the browser and click “create a settings file” there. You will then be prompted to enter your details to connect to your website or blog database. If you do not know the data, this means that your hosting does not support automatic work with the database on your site. If so, then you need to do the work on the database yourself. If you are experiencing any problems, you should contact the support service of your hosting or simply type in the corresponding request into the search, finding a solution on one of the many specialized sites. If you have all the necessary data, then you just need to open the letters received after registering on the hosting. They contain all the information we need.
  10. Click the send button. A page will open on which it is written that you can proceed to the final stage. On this page, click “start installation”. After that, we enter your data: site name, email and password.

That's it, your WordPress blog creation is over. Now add articles, fine-tune the design and optimization, advertise your resource. There is still a lot of work to be done before getting the first money. Good luck!

15 December 2016

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