You won't forget such a beautiful domain name!

Choosing the right domain name is the first step in creating your website. A domain is your face, a business card, a reflection of your brand. The domain name reflects the whole essence of your project and it depends on it whether you will be forgotten or remembered.

Quite often on the Internet you can find resources with a domain name that does not display the subject of the project in any way. The creators of such sites can not understand the reasons for the decline in brand awareness, despite the fact that the problem lies on the surface.

As part of this publication, we will analyze in detail how to come up with a beautiful domain name that will become the foundation of your fame on the Internet. To implement this idea, you should follow a number of simple recommendations. Ready?"

How to come up with a beautiful domain name for a website: 4 basic rules:

1 The domain name must be simple. Avoid complicated wording: the spelling and pronunciation of the domain name should not raise questions. The number of characters is minimal. Ambiguous characters and letters are missing. Try to exclude the dash and dot-the name should be a whole text. Of course, the process of coming up with a high-quality domain name is quite complex and can take some time, so be patient and optimistic. You will definitely succeed.

2 Compliance with the subject of the site. Perhaps the most important point, which is neglected by the absolute number of beginners. The domain name should be a logical continuation of the type of activity that you are engaged in and form your brand. If you sell doors-come up with a simple domain name that will feature your subject. For a blog, a bunch of your first and last names is perfect. In general, try, experiment, but do not forget about the principles that you have already learned.

3 Domain zone. This is a geographical reference of your project to a specific language group. What audience is your resource designed for? Where does she live? There are several most popular domain zones – ru, ua, and com. Each of the listed domain zones is focused on the corresponding language group. For the Russian – speaking audience, this is ru, ua - for Ukrainian consumers, com-a domain zone of the international category, which is often used in commercial projects.

4 Domain registration must be made in your name using reliable passport data. This step will protect you from scammers who may try to steal your domain. Therefore, use the services of trusted registrars and sleep well.

Take the above tips seriously, and you are guaranteed to become the happy owner of a beautiful domain name that will bring you a lot of dividends. Stand out from the gray mass, and success will not be long in coming!

26 August 2016

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