Hosting or personal server?

For people who have decided to develop their own projects, this question comes up sharply. After all, it is very important to understand what the software will work on. Although there are few options, they will all be considered in detail.

1. Virtual hosting

This is the simplest and most inexpensive option that will allow the site to function together with other platforms on the same server. The price starts from 1.5 Euros per month.

Here are the main restrictions:

  • CPU load (not too critical and suitable for small projects);
  • By database load (also not terrible and suitable for small projects);
  • By number of sites;
  • By the amount of memory that will be used (within a few gigabytes. They will be enough for a small project, if you do not store a large number of files);
  • Software installation is Prohibited because the server is installed on a turnkey basis. To download site management systems, you can contact technical support for solving simple questions.

Advantages of virtual hosting:

  • Cost;
  • Simple functionality that is suitable for such projects: (online stores, landing pages, and so on).

Disadvantages of virtual hosting:

  • A number of configuration restrictions;
  • Need to increase the fare if you need to exceed the allowed limit for a particular indicator.

2. VDS/VPS virtual servers

In this case, the user can get full access to the VM and install various systems and programs on it. But this does not mean that this server is the only one. Like virtual hosting, the user shares the assigned resources with another consumer on the same hardware.

The cost of a virtual server starts from 5 Euros per month. Developers offer already almost configured configurations that have the main functionality.

Why would you need to install a number of other programs? Many users ask this question. The reasons are the most common, and one of the most important is the use of a different technology. For example, such hosts do not host projects in Java. If someone likes to create projects in this language, then you need to upload it to the platform.

Another reason is the growth of the project. Sooner or later, it will grow to such an extent that it will hit the maximum CPU load, and you will have to pay for the additional load. Over time, the amount can be huge.

Advantages of a virtual server:

  • Cost;
  • More SOFTWARE customization options.


  • It is difficult for beginners to understand the subtleties of the server.

3. Server rental

The Landlord is provided with a power-connected car, which is at the full disposal of the temporary owner.


  • Free software configuration;
  • a Powerful machine that will help high-load projects function.


  • It is difficult for inexperienced users to understand such hardware;
  • High price (from 45 Euros to several thousand monthly);
  • The smallest improvement in configuration is a lot of spending money.

4. Home server

In this case, the user needs to create everything from scratch himself (from routing settings to purchasing UPS or Power Bank). It is preferable to choose the latter, as well as the raspberry Pi 3 server, because it has a lot of memory, and it also has a high power level.


  • Low cost;
  • Suitable for beginners to learn.


  • You need to think about how to organize the uninterruptible power supply process.
  • Make sure that UPLOAD speed is powerful;
  • With a large number of downloads, services can often slow down.
  • You should also take care of providing sound insulation;
  • You will have to think through your own protection against DDOS attacks.

6 May 2020

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