Drop domain

What is Drop domain

In English, Drop means several expressions, one of which we need – “drop”, or sometimes they say “drop”, that is, the Drop domain is a domain thrown out by someone as unnecessary.

Why does this happen?

The reasons can actually be many, such as the owner of the domain just forgot to renew it, went abroad and was not able to renew your domain, it happens that just the owner throws his website and the domain goes into free swimming and it can register anyone.

Very often, these domains can be found under the filters of search engines, the previous owner could not place a very good site, and for some time will have to suffer a new happy owner of a domain name. It is also worth considering that each webmaster promotes their sites in their own way, under their search queries, and the update of search databases will also take time. The conclusion here is simple, it is desirable to register new domain names, which previously had no sites, this is not a requirement, I registered domains with history and even under the filter AGS and all is well, after a certain time the domain becomes good in the eyes of the PS.

By the way, if you register a domain under the sanctions of Yandex, then just write to the support team and explain the problem, they will help you, but it will take a lot of time.

How to determine whether the domain was previously registered by anyone?

There are many services that offer to learn the history of the domain for the money, but we will not focus on them, because we always love everything for free, and why pay for something that can be found in the public domain.

I hope that I was able to explain to you what a drop domain, and what it may have disadvantages. If you are planning to run a serious project, then I definitely recommend registering a clean domain, so as not to stumble upon any problems when promoting your site, because history can spoil the future, so do not take risks.

15 November 2019

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