What is SEO optimization?

Well, spending a lot of time and money we have finally created their own digital creation - a site on a paid hosting with a paid domain. Everything is as it should be. But here's the rub. In the world of information our website is not visible to users. Visitors no comments yet, and there is no Exchange does not accept the registration site to earn money to make up for the least cost, which invested for the creation of the site. Do not bother and do not rush. Before you earnings still very far away. Your site and you along with it bude to wade through the virtual world from the service to the service, so that your website is visible on the Internet, and users began to enter the pages of your site that you think, a lot of useful information. This is the path to the site's visibility on the Internet and is called SEO optimization of the site, or the promotion of Internet resources in the virtual world of information.

What is SEO optimization. You can answer this question as follows. This promotion of the site on the key demands in the Internet search engines. Website Promotion - is, first of all, to attract users to the site. To more people began to visit your site, read, put comments huskies. From the fact that your site includes users from other sites depends on the rating of the site and its promotion, at least, for the first time in the top ten among thousands of similar sites that appear in the list on user requests from around the world. This demand for site users of the virtual world. That's it and you need to optimize your website and prepare all of the pages for a full life in the information world that you came in visitors from external resources. Seo optimization includes a few ways to make your site quality, high traffic, that is, high traffic site with other sites. Seo optimization involves a process such information. This, above all, filling the pages of the site unique SEO content. Seo content is informative articles with SEO keys on request. Seo key on request, - the words in the texts that accurately express the theme of the article. What is needed in the text of these keys. It's simple. I will explain this with a simple example.

Here, the user has joined the Internet in search of information to buy a new laptop Samsung brand. To find the information he needs, he enters into the address bar of your browser phrase - laptop «Samsung». That is the phrase "laptop" and "the Samsung" and are the keys upon request, according to which search bots find and will be served to the user's monitor all of the visible sites that have information on a laptop. So what is needed by the article on request keys. These keys search bots are looking for information. And if you do not have the text of the keys, the search bots just do not see the information of your creation. But, this is not a complete SEO optimization for the keys. These SEO keys need to correctly place, in the right places in the tests with a certain density of these keys. And for this there is another way to optimize - a semantic site core. And this is only the beginning of SEO optimization and promotion in Internet search engines, on which the rankings in the virtual world and its attendance. But this is only the first answers to the question, what is website optimization.

10 November 2016

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