Data analysis for website promotion

One of the cornerstones of any successful SEO is the ability to use analytical data to manage the results of promotion and promotion of sites.

Divide the data analysis process into three main stages: Reporting, Identification, Priorities


there are two reporting Objectives:

KPIs should be comparable to goals. It is most acceptable to consider the results over time, rather than a single point on the timeline. This will give a good idea of the performance of the promotion strategy.

Quickly identify any major losses and take corrective action. If the changes are related to a change of algorithm or competitive advantage, then of course it imposes a limit on the ability to make changes, but often simple will give answers to the most important questions.


the Use of analytical data to identify potential optimization opportunities is a continuous process.

there Are seven main categories worth highlighting:

Key words and phrases

New keywords that have the ability to generate significant revenue
New long keyword tails that match current target keywords

Top search results

Which of the words and phrases are in the top 20, but not in the top 3 of the search results
Brand phrases not in the top 3

Page Capabilities

Meta data and content on the page is not optimized for keywords
Previously optimized page needs improvement
Pages with duplicate content, title, meta tags
Additional content segments to be added to the site

Internal links

Pay attention to keywords in existing links

Potential navigation changes

Pages with few internal links

Technical issues

Page with a 404 response.

302 redirect


High failure rate

Efficiency based on geographical data Efficient navigation

External links

New links
Better use of existing links

This is not a complete list of all SEO features, but they are the most common.


in any company there is always more work than time or resources. One of the biggest challenges is choosing the right priorities. When determining priorities, it should be borne in mind that the main goal is to maximize profits and return on investment.

it is useful to develop an evaluation system that takes into account the following factors:

Potential additional traffic
Current returns and potential returns
The time required for the solution
Ease of implementation

By standardizing the model, you will be able to make more informed decisions.

18 October 2019

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