7 components selling Landing Page

Make Effective Landing is quite simple, because it is a one-page website. The structure of the selling page consists of separate elements - blocks arranged in a certain order.

First block- header

At the top is a single-site header - the block containing the most important information, as it is the first thing the visitor sees, who has come to this page. This block contains the following elements

Logo. It should be done qualitatively, and it does not matter, what is the meaning and emotion emblem bears: warm or cool, sadness or joy. The main thing is to create the image was interesting and unique.

Trade Offer. This section more important, its goal is to provide the potential buyer is extremely clear and understandable information about where he was and that it may acquire. Offer is desirable to create a unique in form, if not, then you can start to use a simple Descript a "For Sale ***", which will make it clear to the user what the company does. Here, in a very short form need to explain how good this product.

Phone with eye-catching button "Order Up". The most suitable place for such a button - the top right corner. Statistics confirm that potential customers use this button more often than calling yourself. This is explained by the following reasons: saving their finances, through the checkout process, and just out of curiosity, what will happen next.

Second  Block - offer

This section should reflect the proposal, which will be the maximum meet the needs of the target audience of the company. This element drastically affects the conversion site, often increasing it by more than 500% when changing offers. For example, the sale of products includes a bonus product also interesting for customers. A company that provides services to offer free consultations. The proposal should be clear and extremely clear, even for a man not known for intelligence, for example, "Buy a shampoo for hair balm and get a gift." If you do not have enough imagination or in a niche of products is difficult to experiment in this case will work effectively even simple sentences or phrases, such as "Free Consultation", "Test services for free." Despite the primitive sound, they will give good results.

Third block - forms of work with clients.

This block shows users what formats used by the firm when dealing with clients. The customer must see all the intermediate stages, in which he may be involved. Any acquisition and related financing costs is a small stress to the client. Immediately after buying it can overcome doubts about its expediency, practicality, further action to sell the company and many other options. For the buyer peace of mind you need to show what will happen after the goods will be paid. Transparency in working with clients - is a big part of the success of the company.

Fourth block - customer problems

This unit works on the principle of Pain - Hope - Solution (Pain - Hope - Solution), which creates a kind of pendulum effect. All the people there are in the world of emotional contrasts. Offering a person solve a certain problem in the forehead, you can get the opposite effect and reduce the probability of success to a minimum. Very often, to enhance the effect is enough to put pressure on the sore spot, showing the probability of occurrence of the problem and then offer a solution. In this block, you need to register frankly the most common problems you may encounter when working with a client performer, and formulas to resolve them.

Fifth block - "why we"

It should contain the answers to every potential customer on its objection. Make a better unit in the form of a list, each item of which proves that it is in this company all the best. Prospective buyers are not confident in their actions, have a lot of doubt, the reasons not to buy, so it is necessary to convince.

Sixth block - "our customers"

 The purpose of this unit - gain the trust of users, so in this section reflect the best of the success of the company. A potential customer should see what has been done, with whom worked for the firm. This will form the Social Proof (social proof) that the goods or services of the company are widely demanded and demand. Excellent role play and various certificates, various certification, certificates, logos demonstration celebrity clients, and other elements that cause the trust of users.

Seventh block - reviews

Reviews on the Internet represent a kind of advertising sundresses indirect action. According to statistics, this is the most efficient way to place a visitor to her, to inspire confidence to the proposed product. Although occurring in the network distrustful attitude to guests, in general, they work very well and give positive results to those who practice them on their pages.

There are several levels of trust reviews:

 - In conjunction with the text picture;
 - Text and photos signed by the name;
 - Signed the text with photos, to which is added a link to social networks or websites;
 - Audio-review in conjunction with the photo, signed and having links to sites or accounts;
 - Video review with photo and signature with the addition of links to social network or website.

This is the most essential blocks, affecting the efficiency of Landing Page. It is possible to add other, less popular sections that add performance "landing" page. Excellent results are obtained by the use of infographics and selling texts.

28 August 2016

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