The pitfalls that lie in wait when creating landing pages

Probably every serious organization has faced a situation when you want to have a nice, stylish website, say "according to the latest fashion". We all positive mood, so forget about the possible pitfalls when ordering a website from web-studio or freelancer.

1. Creating a website may be unacceptable
It is time for You money, and for the contractor this may not be so. Know how much the average freelancer makes a good website? Month! You have this month???

2. The developer does not understand what You want from him
Not every developer knows how should look the landing page. And especially, how to make a landing page with a high conversion rate. We must be prepared to read a course of lectures by the...

3. The cost can be exorbitant
There is another option: the developer represents that it is required, but want to earn more money and takes money for every single item that You are negotiated at the time of formulation of the problem.

4. It is often required the preparation of detailed TOR
That people clearly understand Your wishes for accents, color scheme, arrangement of elements, etc., have to be pristannoe TK. Moreover, there are programmers that without TK just don't work.

5. To pay for every new page
Perhaps this is the most common variant. Site for 100 rubles one will not do and You need no landing, that accumulates a tidy total amount

6. The lack of auto collection contact information
It seems to be not a big problem, but imagine a situation when You want to notify their customers about a new product. You'll cycle through hundreds of old emails manually to pull out their e-mail.

7. Sophisticated portability of the website
Ask those who have done it always whether the transfer site is a simple task? 90% will answer that while there are some ridiculous problems

8. Increased demands on the hosting
Very often the developers make sites without thinking about how hosting You host. But when the same 10 minutes before the deadline, then You start throwing technical terms and explain why this hosting site to place is not possible.

9. Complex system administration
Shooting from a gun on sparrows very common pastime among developers. Often enticing the phrase "functionality", You are subjected to a lot of hour reading documentation and molesting the game with the settings of the site

10. The inability to make changes without contacting a programmer
This problem is typical for the vast majority of websites that are created by freelancers.

16 August 2016

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