What is the difference between a leader and a Manager

In many situations, we often hear the terms leader and Manager. Leader and Manager are often misused. These two words do not cover the same reality. These are not synonyms. What is the difference between a leader and a Manager?

Etymology of the leader and Manager

Using the etymology of a word often provides valuable information about the meaning of the word and the ideas behind these concepts. Let's look at the origin of these words, this will allow us to find out what the difference is between a leader and a Manager.


  • Leader comes from the verb in old English laeden, which means "lead", to walk on the head, to go scouting, to show the way.
  • In 1200, we find this term in the meaning of being the first.
  • In 1863 it was discovered in another work, and it makes sense to give instructions by example.


  • The Manager is the word from the Italian maneggiare that is a device for riding, which means to train, to train. We find the same detail in the carousel.
  • It is also interesting to note that maneggiare itself comes from the Latin manus , a term that has two meanings: a hand, as well as a military unit. We find this meaning in the expression Manu Militari (military force).
  • The Term "Manager" appears in English since 1785 in the sense of organizer and administrator, one who takes care of the one who leads.


The leader has a strong charisma, his power over the group is given to him by his colleagues, this is not a hierarchical or institutional type of power. Others recognize him as a leader. You can only be a leader if others label you as a leader, the leader exists in the team. In addition, there are other advantages of working in a company as a team .

this is an informal position within the company that plays the role of motivating colleagues and often takes original initiatives, this is the power of proposals.However, this may be perceived as a lack of organization.

a Leader is a visionary who gives himself the opportunity to realize his vision by putting the group first.

Example of famous leaders

  • Mahatma Gandhi, who led the peaceful revolution in India that led to the independence of his country.
  • < li>Joan of Arc, a true visionary of her time. She was able to convince the people and the king to appoint her head of the army to drive the English out of the Kingdom of France.
  • George Washington, who led the American revolution and is considered the founding father of the nation.
  • Nelson Mandela, who spent his entire life fighting against apartheid in South Africa. His leadership has remained unchanged and his influence on his country has remained the same, even after spending 30 years in prison because of his political actions.


The Manager has formal, institutional authority granted to him by the hierarchy within the company.

He has a person or team over whom he exercises these powers, structuring tasks and goals.

Its role is organizational.

Unlike a leader who has a vision, a Manager has goals to achieve.

Leader and Manager

These two numbers are important for society and business success. We just stated what the difference is between a leader and a Manager, but are these profiles really contradictory?
And while it is true that a Manager can also be a leader, a leader is not necessarily a Manager. One profile is no better than another, and it is important that they work together to achieve a common goal to guarantee the success of the company.

6 April 2020

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