Building a business with a clear enterprise architecture

In every large company leaders will sooner or later face the same problem. They have to organize their departments to the firm worked like clockwork. It is especially difficult to do for people whose business is based on the online sites, so come to the aid of strict business architecture.

Marshall work of each department is very difficult. It is necessary to ensure not only the productivity but also the correct communication. And for her who is usually responsible for the company? IT departments. They are light in the office, ensuring that it is fresh and pure oxygen, read interaction with each other. The employees of IT department build a complex, at times, in each of the individual, the enterprise architecture. It is a methodology of work, where everyone has to know their level of responsibility.

At the same time interest in such architectures is dictated by the need for leaders in the multidimensional system specification and development planning organizations. In general, without them nowhere. Approximately how without a business plan. Just write it at the beginning of the formation of companies and architectures are built in throughout its existence.

6 September 2016

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