Reasons to create a LinkedIn account

Everyone, perhaps, has already heard about such a network as LinkedIn. And yet, in our personal opinion, among many specialists there is not enough understanding of how useful it can be, and how well the principle of a social network works, combined with the original business orientation. Namely this is LinkedIn, a social network for businessmen. Therefore, we want to write about how and why you should make yourself a profile on this network - unless, of course, you have not created one yet.

Such a profile will be something like your company's personal page - even if this company consists of you alone. It's like your own site, only located on a social network, so it will be easier for its members to find you and not lose sight of you.

Your business will always appear among the results when someone searches for the relevant words in the search bar. LinkedIn is highly respected by Google, so your page will rank well in search engines. Plus, visitors can view your online business page without logging in. So there are reasons to create a page - just like reasons to fill it with correct relevant information so that each visitor can immediately decide how interesting he is to cooperate with you.

For LinkedIn members, these pages are a great way to get information about companies. This is an inexhaustible storehouse of the most detailed information about any company, even if it does not have its own corporate page. When you search for a specific company, you get results that are somehow related to it: from the page of the company itself to the pages of companies that cooperate with it, are its clients or suppliers.

You can subscribe to page updates, and constantly stay updated on company news, product changes or promotions. You will be able to see who they are hiring, what kind of specialists they need and even what actions their competitors are taking.

Company personal pages allow clients and job seekers to recognize employees. You can show specific faces of specific people who are behind your brand and talk about the benefits of your product. If handled correctly, such a page will help you build your reputation and build trusting relationships with clients and job seekers or potential partners.

One of the key must-haves on LinkedIn is the overview page. This tab allows you to see your recent posts, which ones your readers have shared, a description of your company, and a list of your employees. Alternatively, you can show new posts on your corporate website or Twitter, for example.

You can use statuses and their updates to tell about the news of your company, about ongoing promotions or products. These updates, as with many other social networks, are a reliable means of communication with your customers and subscribers.

Such updates will be visible to every member of the network and will be displayed in their news feeds. If you are subscribed to a company, then, as in any other social network, you will receive notifications about updates made by companies in your news feed, so that you will always be aware of events that interest you. All these updates can be liked, shared and commented on.

The best part about LinkedIn is that you can create different "start pages" for each of your visitors. For example, programmers, entering the tab with the description of your product, can see technical information about the product. Designers are the hallmarks of your product design. Partners and potential investors - financial information, and so on. You can create up to 30 different variations of the product table, depending on how many types of visitors you expect to see on your page. You can customize the options for a variety of reasons: gender, age, place of residence, position, marital status, etc.

For your page, you are free to choose any language that you want. We recommend that you create at least two options: in Russian and in English, since a considerable number of LinkedIn members use this language.

Of course, such a page, which will become your online passport to some extent, should have reliable support, that is, a competent administrator. He should not only deal with filling, but also maintain communication with subscribers and make sure that the page does not contain any offensive information. This does not mean, of course, that you should destroy all claims comments. On the contrary, it is better to leave such messages, but answer them correctly, in essence, and in such a way that everyone who has such questions could easily see this correspondence and get an answer to their question. A good online support service that advises clients on time and on business is a huge plus for any company, and it will strengthen rather than damage your reputation.

So yes, creating a page, as well as filling and administering it, will cost you effort and time, however, I hope we were able to convince you that it is worth it.

13 November 2020

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