Understanding social media

If a person will sit back and look at the type of traffic passing through the Internet, he may be surprised. At any given time, millions of people are messaging and communicating with each other. It may well be assumed that the percentage of people using different social media channels to communicate with each other will be much larger than online trading and other commercial transactions.

Logging on to the Internet and chatting, downloading movies, music, reading reviews, participating in discussions, listening to podcasts, SMS, etc.have become part of everyone's lifestyle around the world.

This is true for pensioners, Housewives and working professionals with children of all ages. Everyone can find something relevant and useful in the social network.

When millions of people talk to each other, they are essentially talking about a particular topic of interest, or sharing their experiences, etc.such conversations generate a lot of words in the verbal advertising of the various products and services that individuals are talking about.

Thus, marketers believe that this is a great opportunity to use the social network to attract potential customers who are interested in their products.

To be able to use the social network as an effective marketing tool, marketing professionals need to understand everything about the social network and how it works.

The social network works differently than other types of media, including visual media. Social networks are largely driven by content that is created by the community team that conducts the dialogue. Such conversations form opinions and influence decisions of potential clients. Reviews, discussions, ratings, comments, etc.provide measurable feedback to customers who have familiarized themselves with the products and services they link to.

At this stage, it is important for marketers to remember that social media channels are controlled not by them, but by the participants.

The two main characteristics of this medium when people engage in conversation are that it elicits public advertising or word-of-mouth opinion, and there is an element of trust between the people and communities involved in the discussions. Taking into account the above, marketers must come up with a strategy to influence the opinions and interest of potential customers.

If we analyze the composition of the participants participating in the discussions in the social network, it is mainly two categories of people.

The first is a category that has already purchased, used and tested a product or service, and the second category refers to those who have not yet purchased or used, and this category includes potential customers who participate in discussions only because they are interested in purchases in the future.

In this way, social media becomes a channel that connects those who have experienced the product with those who are waiting for it. If marketing professionals clearly understand this concept, they can develop ways to use the social network as a means to successfully influence potential customers and their sales.

6 December 2019

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