"Pass it on", or what is viral marketing

Viral advertising is a marketing activity that involves the occurrence of a situation in which potential customers will distribute information about a company, services, or products.

Viral content is "passed" from one user to another and can be in various forms, such as videos, funny ads, or memes.

This type of advertising is very effective because information is quickly distributed on the Internet, and this type of campaign does not require a large budget.

Viral marketing also includes:

  • content in the footer of email messages;
  • screensavers, Wallpapers for smartphones, simple games;
  • virtual cards, "Like" or "Recommend to a friend" options;
  • funny ads, memes, and videos;
  • social actions;
  • adding the site's web address to the image file.

The secret of viral marketing is that the material should be so interesting and funny that people feel the need to share it with their friends.

Currently, thanks to social networks, this is happening on a much larger scale and takes the form of a "snowball" effect, just click "Share" and the content will reach several hundred more users.

The first viruses, of course, were created completely by accident. However, for some time now, brands have started to use the potential of information exchange.

One of the most high-profile viruses, aimed not only at entertainment, was the Ice Bucket Challenge. The task was to pour a bucket of ice water on yourself and assign three more people for this "mission".
Participation in the game must be accompanied by a donation to a Fund that helps patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which is an incurable disease.

Viral marketing is often a controversial form of advertising, so it is extremely important to match the product or service to your target audience.
Another important aspect is the right time — if a given product is advertised at the right time and in the right place — then advertising will get a driving force thanks to users who will continue to promote and share it.

Viral marketing is becoming an increasingly popular form of advertising. Although this is often not noticeable yet, it becomes the second tool after contextual advertising that deserves close attention.

23 July 2020

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