Some errors in business

In the business world there are a number of large errors. Sometimes, these errors lead us nowhere, sometimes business simply do not grow or can not break out of the profits, which now brings.

The point can bring more profit than it actually is.

However, most business people are so used to playing by the rules and not go beyond the usual, which is very difficult to imagine how a business can develop if the owner in the head such obstacles.

Sometimes we are surprised that the head stuck in a routine of similar cases. And personal time really anything left. As a consequence, many question arises: why do I this business?

Ask yourself this question. What do you want, when you started your business? What dream? I'm sure that you will have plenty of free time, you will start making a lot of money to fly around the world ... But if you look at the market, you are horrified to learn that 94.99% of start-ups are in the same place ...

Starting your own business, set a goal ... and the ship go to it no matter what.

Consider how much time you spend. Indeed, sometimes the owners devote 12-13 hours a day on the promotion and retention of their business ... And many simply do not have the right to get sick, because if you decide to lie down, you can start a serious problem. And I'm not talking about how much time you spend on your family.

Unlikely to adequately nourish the illusion that someone will solve your problems for you. However, you can at least minimize the number of problems in the way of building a business.

You've probably noticed a strange fact: the more the customer to please, the more he grows in insolence. With this need to fight at once, so that later you do not have unpleasant surprises.

Many businesses think that if they let go of the reins of control and delegate certain tasks to someone else, then no one else will. Herein lies a big mistake. The more you are in business, the less it eventually brings you. Ask why?

It's simple. Over time, the eye on the development of their business simply zamylivaetsya, and anything new does not occur, and fatigue says about himself. Of course, no one disputes that almost any business owner better no one will do. But you have already passed this way the fatigue and routine. And so you absolutely need to learn from the very beginning to select his team of people.

Firstly, you are from the beginning of his teaching staff member will be aware of what and how he is doing.

Secondly, you will be able to initially decide what to delegate and to whom.

Experience shows that if you and think, and do everything yourself - it leads to the downfall of the business. Sometimes there comes a time when all the cards are the same and the business begins to grow actively. But at the same time you do not have a strong team, you have not learned to delegate authority, and it is in this race, many managers take hasty and rash decisions. In this vicious circle, you will never be able to develop and scale their businesses.

Of course, in the delegation of its powers, you can face the problem of staff turnover. You are not in any case should not take the power to solve this problem. Find someone who will do it, because you have to focus on strategic business planning. Who clearly understands that the business is not a toy, he eventually learns to create a strong team and will be ready to solve any problem.

And finally, one rule that will clarify many things: your ideas are thought up by someone, and so you can just look for pattern and model your "new idea".

And remember that your every action will mean the path to the top of the mountain. Of course, failures can occur. But, as you know, every failure - is the path to success. How often we are left with only one step to the success that we did not commit.

Continue to make the right moves. Create the perfect team, scale, time management and a clear understanding of their role in the business.

29 September 2016

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