Marketing strategy

The Conversion strategy appears in the case of a negative request in which the consumer refuses to accept a product or service for certain reasons.

For Example, some people are particularly afraid to go to the dentist and therefore do not seek the services of a dentist.

The role of marketing is to turn this aversion to the relevant service or product into a positive attitude through commutative marketing.

Incentive Strategy occurs when a company is faced with non-existent demand due to customers ' ignorance of products / services or because they do not matter to it.

Thus, the strategy is aimed at creating demand by improving the company's communication mechanism with the public and stimulating marketing actions, such as encouraging them to try to buy the products for which they are made.

For Example, by introducing laws that require all car passengers to wear a seat belt, a company that produces such products can create a demand for people who use the car.

The development Strategy can be adopted in the case of hidden demand, due to the lack of a product that can satisfy it.

Using marketing developments, a video phone company can transform existing hidden demand for various managers into effective demand.

21 January 2020

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