Marketing and its versatility

In today's world, it is no longer possible to talk about efficiency in any field without showing how marketing, through its methods and tools, contributes to this efficiency.

It is practiced on such a large scale and with such intensity that we say it has become universal.

Universality can be synthetically reasoned by three aspects:

  1. marketing gradually entered all spheres of economic life, and then in non-economic;
  2. marketing works in all economies, regardless of the level of development at which they are located;
  3. marketing has proven itself in any type of economy, both market (where the structure is favorable) and planned.

In conclusion, marketing is universal because it has an amazing ability to adapt to different situations.

Of course, marketing will be in our lives as long as there is an interested factor, the target environment, the product offered, the monetary payment associated with the efforts made.

Among the most important challenges that marketing will face in the future are the following:

  • creating better tools for financial measurement of the impact of marketing programs;
  • integrated information about the main clients (via email, phone, staff meetings, etc.);
  • turning marketing into the main tool for creating and developing an organizational strategy;
  • clash of competitors with lower prices and better quality;
  • increasing the strength and claims of large distributors.

7 January 2020

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