How to competently attract a client

It is always very difficult for small companies to attract customers, because the budget that can be spent on a marketing plan is small for small businesses.

It is a fact that ordinary advertising is annoying and intrusive, but the most popular option is simple advertising, so uncomplicated that everyone is used to it and no longer pays any attention. Banal ads in some small newspaper, or right on the doors of a regular store - it's all from there. Accordingly, there is no effect.

Catching clients should take place at the decision-making stage. At the stage of questioning acquaintances, friends, neighbors. This process is usually unmanageable.

Firstly, no matter how you want, you will always look at your product only from the perspective of the seller. You will never see the real reasons why people buy from you. But the point is, they should be satisfied.

Sharing the joy of acquiring with some of his acquaintances, the buyer will describe what is hooked in words that are understandable from the buyer's point of view. And he is worthy of trust, because he does not receive any benefits. His enthusiasm is infectious. He shares his invaluable experience.

Advertising is wasted shooting. You don't see the reaction of your potential customers. You cannot push them to buy if they have some doubt that you could not foresee.

But your volunteer sees it all. In most cases, he knows his victim perfectly. He often enjoys authority. We ourselves, often without noticing, become victims of such helpers.

And how does indirect advertising affect our children? You can forbid the child to watch TV, come to the computer. But that won't change anything. He will receive his dose of brainwashing from friends and classmates. He will want what they want. And he will probably be able to find ways to achieve this from you.

The same happens when a customer is unhappy. Only on a large scale. He will spread the news about your poor service, crappy quality. In plain language, from the perspective of your customers.

Now it has become fashionable to refuse unprofitable clients. On the one hand, this is correct. But an unprofitable and unhappy customer are two different things. You can break off relations with the former peacefully, for example, by recommending a competitor. But dissatisfied customers can seriously damage your reputation.

Therefore, the main task for you is to show customers that your product is worthy of their attention and love. He really should be worthy of it.

27 August 2020

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