What is HR consulting

Personnel consulting-is consulting on issues related to personnel, personnel records management and application of labor legislation.

The list of personnel consulting services includes: consultations on personnel records management; legal advice on labor legislation and labor disputes; implementation of management accounting; development of documentation (including within the quality management system ISO 9000-2000); outsourcing audit of personnel records management. external personnel service;

Why is this type of consulting so popular? There are several reasons for this.

It often happens that personnel records management in the company are employees without special training or those who do not have sufficient experience, despite the fact that the requirements of the labor Inspectorate are increasingly tightened. Not all firms have an employee who can collect and organize the information necessary for the preparation of regulatory documents. Typically, objectivity is needed "the look".

The employee responsible for maintaining personnel records, is not always enough experience, skill and just time to write the necessary reports and paperwork. It happens that the company for some reason in a certain period, no one was engaged in mandatory registration of personnel documents, and you want to restore them or correct their errors, as well as there are needs assessment of the current state of personnel records management and advice on what to do next. The company changes the form of an employment contract or some other internal local act, it is necessary to conduct an examination of the document in order to assess the possible risks in the case of the document, to give advice on possible corrections.

What is good professional HR consulting:

You can use the help of qualified professionals in the development of personnel records management system and documentation templates (for example, order templates or personnel document management system, contract forms, certificates, notifications and other documents), which in the future will help you avoid problems with the legislation, even if the personnel records in your company will be engaged not very well versed in;

You will not lose face when you communicate with the labor Inspectorate, will be able to avoid fines, litigation, cash costs, waste of time and nerves. The report, competently compiled by a professional, provides the Manager with a lot of information for reflection and analysis. The customer's trade secret is guaranteed.

29 November 2019

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