Choosing a video card for your computer

Each one of us has to face the choice of graphics card for your computer. The market offers a wide range of different models of graphics cards for power and volume. The new manufacturers in the market are not declared itself a few years, so the market is represented by the following companies:
 · Asus
 · Gainward
 · Gigabyte
 · InnoVision
 · MSI
 · Palit
 · Power color
 · Etc.

All of the company before the card present in the market test it a certain amount of time, so the operation of the video card failures minimum amount during the first year. Failures often occur due to:
 · The weak cooling system;
 · Large amounts of dust on the radiator;
 · The loss of their protective properties of the thermal paste.

When you purchase a video card make no mistake about the fact that the amount of video memory will affect the performance. The amount of memory has its own impact on the video chip that affects the performance of the graphics card.
Video card must be chosen depending on the types of work made on the computer. For office work is suitable graphics card with a small capacity. For the game need a more powerful graphics card.
When you purchase is necessary to evaluate the card on:
 · By the type of video memory, which depends on the generation, version number of improvements. For productive video card is necessary not only capacious memory, but also a great speed reading and recording of the video;
 · Scope of local video memory (can be from 512 MB to 3 GB). It must be remembered that the power of the graphics card on this parameter is not evaluated. According to these parameters it is estimated the possibility of data textures and vertices that are stored on the graphics card;
 · Data bus - a link in the exchange of information between the processor and the video memory volume of the tire can be from 32 to 512 bits.
 · DirectX - on this indicator depends on the technology used in the game. Therefore, the higher the score, the more colorful and interesting game will look like;
 · Cooling, which affects the duration of the video service. Overheating graphics card in the game is fraught with the appearance of artifacts.
Replace the video card should be carried out every 2-3 years. It is necessary to do so in connection with the development and graphics.

24 August 2016

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