How to create a task in task scheduler?
To perform comand on a schedule you can create a task in task scheduler.
How to install PHP extensions?
You can install any PHP extensions via an automated interface.
How to restore a backup (backup)?
We make backups of your account twice a day so you can restore it using the control panel.
How to edit the file php.ini?
On Shared/Reseller hosting every user has its own file php.ini so you can edit it.
What is the path to the home directory?
The path to the home directory on the shared/reselling hosting: /var/www/[USER_LOGIN_PANEL(Example:u1773)]/data/www/
How to block IP address by using a file .htaccess?
In order to block access to your site from certain IP addresses you can use file .htaccess.
How to test a site without changing the DNS?
If you want to test a website before changing the DNS, or you just changed DNS, and while waiting for their updates, but now you need to start working on a website, then we can suggest you a solution in this situation.
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