Optimize MySQL settings using MySQLTuner
MySQLTuner is a utility that analyzes the statistics of MySQL and issue recommendations for optimizing MySQL server settings.
Recovery and repair MySQL tables
To fulfill the repair or database optimization will be required mysqlcheck utility.
How to create a task to run in Cron?
Cron is a task scheduler in Linux operating systems, and others. Is used to start/run jobs at a specific time.
How to identify a DDoS attack?
First you need to perform a presence attack, to do this, look at the number of Apache processes.
On who register domains? Who is the owner of the domain?
All domains we have registered on you and your data, i.e. You will be the owner of the domain.
What documents are needed to register a domain?
To register domains in all zones (ex: RU, SU, РФ) do not need any documents. Registration is made online. You can now register any available domain name.
How to update DNS cache?
You need to open a command prompt. For Windows XP and earlier: To do this, click "Start
What is DDoS? And what's the protection?
Denial of Service — literally, "denial of service". The term
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