White label affiliate program

The White label "MyHosti" affiliate program allows you to order services at special favorable rates. With us you can become a hosting provider - create your own hosting service, register domain names under your own brand. Your earnings depend only on you, as you and only you set the final price for our services for your clients.

By becoming a partner of "MyHosti" you will receive:

  • BILLmanager functional billing system
  • Virtual server for billing system and virtual hosting for your site
  • Ability to provide services under your own brand
  • Full automation of service registration and renewal operations
  • Mainly low prices for quality services
  • Specialized support in organizing business process

Discounts for MyHosti White label partners

The priority of a partner depends on his monthly turnover. Discount is provided for services: Shared Hosting, Reselling Hosting, VDS/VPS and Server Administration


Turnover per month from 10 €

Number of services at least 1

Order discount and renewal

Shared hosting 15%

Reselling hosting 15%

Virtual servers line MVK 15%

Virtual servers VPS line 3%

Dedicated servers 3%


Turnover per month from 100 €

Number of services at least 5

Order discount and renewal

Shared hosting 20%

Reselling hosting 20%

Virtual servers line MVK 20%

Virtual servers VPS line 5%

Dedicated servers 5%


Turnover per month from 200 €

Number of services at least 10

Order discount and renewal

Shared hosting 25%

Reselling hosting 25%

Virtual servers line MVK 25%

Virtual servers VPS line 7%

Dedicated servers 7%


Turnover per month from 300 €

Number of services at least 15

Order discount and renewal

Shared hosting 30%

Reselling hosting 30%

Virtual servers line MVK 30%

Virtual servers VPS line 10%

Dedicated servers 10%

Terms of joining the White label "MyHosti" affiliate program:

  1. The presence of an active account in the "MyHosti" system, which is registered with reliable data.
  2. Presence of a well-functioning and functioning website.
  3. After the first 12 months of operation, at least 10 services must be active on the reseller's account. Subsequently, the number of services should increase.
  4. It is forbidden to set prices for your services lower than the prices for regular MyHosti customers.
  5. Resellers must create terms of service for their customers that cover all restrictions imposed by MyHosti.
  6. Attempts to entice existing MyHosti customers to reseller services are absolutely unacceptable.

To join the White Label Affiliate Program, you need to submit a support request.