The records management domain

Go to ISPmanager, go to «Domains» → «Domain names», highlight the desired domain name and click «Records».

To create, click on the «Create» button.

Then fill in the fields that appear:

  1. Record name,
  2. Record information update time (TTL section),
  3. The Type of record. Depending on the type of record, its purpose and set of additional parameters change, where:
  4. The NS record points to the DNS servers that are responsible for storing the rest of the domain resource records.

    The MX record points to any host to which mail should be routed to reach the desired domain.

    TheTXT record specifies any textual information about the domain and is used to confirm rights to the web resource.

    The CAA is a special DNS record that allows domain owners to define a limited list of certification authorities.

    The PTR record associates the host IP with its canonical name.

    The SRV record - a standard in DNS that determines the location, that is, the host name and port number of servers for certain services.

    The DNAME record provides redirection for a subtree of the domain name tree in the DNS.

    The CNAME-a record that is responsible for binding subdomains to a canonical domain name or another domain.

  5. IP address. The specified IP address will be associated with the domain name specified in the Name field.

In Addition to creating a domain record, you can edit it by clicking the «Edit» button and delete it using the «Delete» button.