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A dedicated or virtual server requires administration skills, the ability to install and configure software via a terminal / console. If you do not have the skills to manage Linux-based servers, VDS on dedicated server can be separate control panels are installed, such as ISPmanager or VMmanager. With their help, server management will be carried out simply and clearly.

For your convenience, you can buy control panels that will allow you to easily and comfortably manage websites.

ISPmanager control panel

ISPmanager 6 is a user-friendly server and hosting control panel with an intuitive interface. It allows the VDS administrator:

  • post an unlimited number of sites on VDS;
  • choose php version for each site; install and configure the required software;
  • create databases and users for them;
  • add FTP users, upload and download files via the web interface;
  • configure mail on the domain, create mailboxes;
  • manage site backups and more.

VMmanager control panel

VMmanager is a convenient tool for centralized management of computing and network resources. Manage the virtual environment to host any company services. Combine physical servers and network storage in a company into a single cluster and turn it into a pipeline that serves business tasks. Creation of virtual servers takes from 2 minutes, and creation of containers - from 3 seconds. Live migration takes place in 2 clicks.